(Full-Stack Enterprise Development)

IOT (Internet of Things)

Our team can assist in identifying opportunities in Condition monitoring, Predictive maintenance or Factory sensors. We can configure and create APIís to gather, publish and analyze untapped data that will improve business outcomes by automating processes, anticipate maintenance needs and avoid unscheduled downtime by connecting and monitoring your devices, connect and monitor your factory devices for insights on operational productivity.

Data Integration

Our team has the expertise to create robust integration architectures that insure devices and applications are seamlessly integrated into a holistic environment. We will unify every component, from backend systems like ERP and CRM to middleware and mobile clients. We leverage the Azure integration suite that provides a robust environment for data-driven workflows that orchestrate and automate data movement and data transformation.

Mobile \ Wearable

Our team harnesses Xamarin capabilities to simultaneously extend your mobile presence across diverse platforms, while keeping the development efforts reasonable and overall solution unified. With a strong background in both C#-based systems and native application development, our Viiops team delivers custom cross-platform solutions for iOS, Android and Windows Phone, taking your application all the way from the vision to final launch.

- Azure IOT Suite -
- Azure Integration Services -
- Cross-Platform - Xamarin -
(all engagements are backed by a free 90 day product support)




This process starts by meeting with our clients to understand who they are and how we can best partner with their teams. As the envision process catches momentum we start to document, vision, scope, use cases, requirement and data flows, which continue to evolve until we can capture and communicate the fullness of our clientís vision.


This process starts with technical collaborative sessions, intended to whiteboard solutions that assimilate the clientís standards and vision. Once the system architecture has been formed, we validate data flows, user interfaces and detail designs. Once the Architecture and Designs are completed we collaborate to create the final project execution plans.


This process starts with a review of execution plan, followed by a build out of the system resources (servers, databases, sour control etc.) and all administrative tools for deployment, monitoring, troubleshooting system components. Then we launch into application build process within the methodology chosen in the Design \ Plan phase. Following each code drop, components will be validated using predefined unit tests before handing off to QA.


This process starts with our team assimilating our clientís quality assurance practices. Our team can support functional testing and / or load testing with reporting and guidance on scalability. Once the QA testing has been completed the user acceptance testing can start, followed by final production deployment. During the QA process after functional or performance tests have been validated, the production environment is installed and configured.



Viiops is a veteran owned, family run agency just outside Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Our team is a well-rounded group of creative, talented and dedicated patriots. We believe in building partnerships with our clients and are committed to seeing their vision become a reality, because for us, it's about creating raving fans!


Our story begins with a small-town kid who went from tanks to technology. Joining the Army taught this young kid, dedication, perseverance and leadership. Then he attending college, which equipped him with knowledge, understanding and direction. Through faith in God and support from family, he believed he could accomplish anything. Years later, through ups and downs, Viiops was born!


We believe in God, family, country, and have an unquenchable thirst for learning, success and helping others see their vision become reality. We pride ourselves in moving our clients into competitive positions in their industry through highly creative solutions and cutting-edge technologies. We promise to exceed your expectations!

David Fabrizi

Architect / Developer

Andrew Fabrizi

Developer / Designer

Kevin Fabrizi

Designer / Photographer